The Future Of IT Is Here: Enterprise Predictions For 2016

Software industry rages with all new innovations hitting hard on the surface of technology every day, shaking the ground and changing the way we perceive the business. Software development solutions are touching the new heights of excellence, improving every aspect of our lives in this digital age. You might be one of those wondering what could be the next enormous tech trend that would put even greater impact on our lives.

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You should draw your attention to the god of Windows. Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin and its magnanimous approach towards making cross-platform software development tools open for various OS is a proof of how quickly things can change, of course, for better.

Experts in IT business and tech Gurus share their opinions on skyrocketing possibilities waiting around the corner in 2016.

So here is the almost realistic mirror of what IT future will look like in future:

Security will no longer be dependent on software

Check out this statement from Art Gilliland, the CEO of security solutions starts up Skyport Systems: Software-defined security systems pose two huge risks: Many individual cyber security products and tools don’t work well together; and many are incapable of solving modern-day security problems.

This is enough to raise a valid point that software-dependent security solutions – which include applications and software products – will not be a more reliable option for enterprise infrastructure seeking the solid, untraceable system.

Relying blindly on a one-for-all type cyber security software won’t be sufficient if you want to combat grave mishaps like corrupted SSD firmware attack. Integration of multiple complicated security software will force organizations to consider them risky and turn to sturdy remedies.

Limited power of the Software will be an overwhelming headache

If there are bright sides, you have to be prepared to face the flip side as well. The recent software failures have significantly challenged the potential of many CEOs as leaders in the area of software security solutions. One example that corroborates this instance is the epic failure of Obamacare website. The debacle has gone to extend beyond the accountability of CIOs and CTOs to include CEO, CMO and CFO and many more as Neelan Choksi, the presidential face of Software development service Tasktop, boldly states.

According to Choksi, companies that are still unaware of their software capability will be seen more on the risky side of the business. 2016 expects more CEOs losing their jobs due to unfortunate software failures. But this also suggests that CEOs with technical expertise will click as potential leaders.

Scaled up Agile software development

Adoption of Agile development methods is on the rise as more than two third quarters of companies have opted for Agile software development. Still, we are expecting Agile development to play predominant in enterprise applications. So 2016 is predicted to be the year when enterprise based dedicated agile software development will flourish.

Integration of Software development tools, mainly dealing with enterprise solutions will be the pivotal driver of scaled agile success. So 2016 hopes for open availability and improved implementation of these essential tools as stated by Choksi.

Speedy Data analysis will replace the need for big data

Though big data is the voice we have been hearing of the action of data analysis, it won’t suffice for companies that need to rapidly analyze and study the data to come to a real-time, sound conclusion. Ability to analyze and understand the data with appreciable velocity will help companies serve customers with greater efficiency and fuel their potential to attract maximum prospects.

On this account, we will be up for more epitomes of ecommerce and financial institutions and companies in 2016 making their debut in adopting the new-class applications that are all equipped with speedy data analysis.

Sophisticated solution to Cyber security: Machine learning

Cyber security threats have become more commonly observed news today. We don’t usually get to spend a day without hearing about security hacks and tragic data theft scandals. In 2016, we will witness the new breed of security solutions that beat the hackers in their own game. Sophisticated treat to your security expectations, “machine learning” is going to be the legendary trend. It is understood as the field of computer science that accumulates the pattern recognition to learn malignant access to details and eventually predict the future attacks.

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