Improve Business Efficiency: Get Your Business Software Customized

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Although, the world of technology is constantly evolving in order to suit the needs of users and enhance their daily experience yet integrating systems to give tailor-made experience remains a very difficult task. Software development specialists play a significant role to realize this difficult task and develop custom software for businesses to integrate their business processes and transform their day to day operations into goal-oriented tasks. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), these softwares are powered to run according to your business requirements. As business requirements vary greatly, it is not possible for one software solution to accommodate all the needs of your business. Hence, the need for custom business software!  Continue reading


Some Serious Competition: Angular vs Ext JS

On the technology battle ground, open source frameworks are giving each other a tough competition. This battle aims to tame the challenge of providing the best in web app development. More programmers prefer learning Angular JS and Ext JS open source technologies.  And in the last year, we saw an increase in its market value. Programmers are embracing them and this is the biggest reason for such cutting edge competition. 

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There is some serious one on one among the programmers during focused group discussions. Let us discuss what so interesting about these development frameworks that programmers have fallen in love with them.  Continue reading

Which Web Apps Are Best Suited For Angular JS?

Web applications in these times are required for a large domain space, thus it is difficult to figure which application will be best served by Angular JS. As we are aware, Angular JS is making news for all the right reasons. It is an emerging technology which has taken the technology industry by the storm. Moreover, developers find it very interesting to work with Angular JS. 

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Although web application developer’s often needs to know what the technology will work best for. And Angular JS – a structural framework is specifically created for web apps. Let’s have an understanding of all those web applications where Angular JS is the best fit!  Continue reading

The Future Of IT Is Here: Enterprise Predictions For 2016

Software industry rages with all new innovations hitting hard on the surface of technology every day, shaking the ground and changing the way we perceive the business. Software development solutions are touching the new heights of excellence, improving every aspect of our lives in this digital age. You might be one of those wondering what could be the next enormous tech trend that would put even greater impact on our lives.

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You should draw your attention to the god of Windows. Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin and its magnanimous approach towards making cross-platform software development tools open for various OS is a proof of how quickly things can change, of course, for better. Continue reading